Friday, May 30, 2008

Don't look down

This is Caminito del Rey, a mountain walkway that has fallen into disarray. After numerous deaths, the Spanish government forbid explorers from testing their luck on the crumbling, rail-less concrete pass. Although, as seen in the video, insane people who are willing to risk it all to prove they are "extreme" have no qualms about defying the government.

What this video has proven is that I'm so afraid of heights I just about lost my balance and fell off my chair simply watching the endless balancing act.

No JSB TV today. I'm having trouble uploading the video. I'll try again tomorrow, so check back over the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Insane! Unlike some of the others on this path, the guy filming this was not tied into any ropes. Made me feel queesy, feel much better now that the vid's over. According to Wikipedia, Spain is planning on spending 7Million Euros to fix that torture walk.

Anonymous said...

woops, make that "queasy"