Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sean Penn not quite on board with the Obama thing

Before there were blogs, it was only Hollywood stars who could express their unfiltered and completely unsolicited opinions about politics to mass audiences.

Sean Penn has been taking advantage of this special access ever since his Madonna-era photographer slugging days, but he has really stepped it up lately with his increasingly hysterical criticisms of President Bush.

So, now that the Bush administration is in its final throes, has the volatile actor's political outlook become more optimistic?

On the red carpet at Cannes, Penn was asked who he supports for President. While Penn refused to endorse a candidate, he did admit he was "excited by the hope Barack Obama is inspiring."

Then, to prove he hadn't got all starry-eyed and will continue to serve the public with his biting criticism, Penn went on to accuse Obama of having a “phenomenally inhuman and unconstitutional” voting record.

When describing Obama's voting record, "phenomenally" is always going to be an odd word choice unless it is followed by "risk-averse and thin." Allowing my skeptical assessment of Penn's skill as a political commentator to remain unchanged.

Penn continues on Obama:

”I hope that he will understand if he is the nominee, the degree of disillusionment that will happen if he doesn't become a greater man than he will ever be.”

Ok, that's a bit overstated, but wise nonetheless. Although the clever word play suggests Penn meant to say something else but misspoke.

Later, when faced with Cannes' stunning display of materialism and celebrity worship, Penn bravely led a revolt against the film festival's smoking ban by lighting up and encouraging others to do the same.

So there you go, political candidate seeking the much-coveted Sean Penn endorsement, let him smoke in other peoples' faces and he will probably refrain from bashing you when he speaks to the foreign press.

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