Monday, June 16, 2008

Celeb gossip may be dead, hopefully just asleep

I was planning on doing a post on how celebrity gossip seems kind of dead lately. I was going to blame it on the nation's recent American Idol-like obsession with presidential politics, and then implore the fun, good looking celebs (meaning not Amy Winehouse) to come out from their hiding and start making mischief again.

It is pretty clear we are about to enter into an extended dead spot in the 2008 campaign. I'm of the belief that unless our favorite media-approved train wrecks step up and bring us some new sex tapes, DUI's and venereal diseasess this whole Internet thing -- which had been getting bigger and bigger by the day -- could atrophy and fall apart. And not be there when we really need it.

But somebody else sort of beat me to it. So check out what he has to say, discuss, and admit you miss Paris Hilton too.

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