Thursday, June 05, 2008

Lakers versus Celtics (just like the video game)

Due to intense thunderstorms yesterday, today the power in the Washington DC region is spotty. This reality has forced me into a Cosi sandwhich shop ,where there is electrocity and free wi-fi. I've heard that many writer/blogger types do their thing in coffee shops, but I can't imagine how.

It is very busy here. The kids got out of school, due to the storm, and they have begun congregating in the Cosi. A group of 11-year olds with spikey hair seem to be plotting something, and not in hushed tones. The woman next to me is talking on her cellphone. She is speaking Spanish, which I can't understand, but she is doing so loudly enough to be distracting. At her decible level I feel like I'm at least owed knowing what she is so charged up about.

Hoops McCann is in NYC, which is still on the grid. Here is his breakdown of the NBA Finals.

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