Thursday, June 19, 2008

Michael Jackson's dream is slowly coming true

Weird day today in racial classifications. First we learned of a leaked voice mail message in which Charlie Sheen viciously attacks his ex-wife Denise Richards with perhaps the two most controversial slurs in American English. The first is one John McCain allegedly likes to use when his wife points out his thinning hair, and the second is one generally not associated with those who look like Denise Richards.

In other news of racial confusion, we turn to the South African government, which was once so precise in their racial classifications that they ended up creating whole new races. But post-apartheid South Africa has decided that race isn't something that can be decided by a pencil through the hair, or even the color of a person's skin. In fact the standards have gotten so loose in Pretoria that they have now gone and officially declared Chinese people as black.

Which has led to "In South Africa Chinese is The New Black" headlines all over the Internet. I would have titled this post as such if I hadn't wasted today's "blank is the new blank" share of in my last post.

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