Monday, June 23, 2008

Most epic fail of a 911 call ever

I'm very reluctant to click onto TMZ, let alone recommend others click on anything TMZ-related, because their busy MySpace-style design tends to destroy my computer.

But this is worth it. It's an audio tape of Hulk Hogan's estranged wife calling 911 to claim the Hulkster is stalking her in violation of a restraining order she has out on him.

Only we learn very quickly that by "stalking her" Linda Hogan means she is following him around in her car. Linda expresses genuine surprise when the 911 operator tells her the best way to end this sort of "stalking" is to immediately stop following him. The 911 operator is taken aback by Linda's surprise.

To make matters even sillier, it turns out Linda Hogan doesn't have a restraining order out against the Hulk.

While it is likely only a complete idiot would allow her family to become the subject of a reality TV show , it is also likely being on a family-themed reality TV only makes one significantly dumber.

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