Monday, July 14, 2008

Idle threat of the week

Being that Iran is to idle threats as A-rod is to overly muscular women, we here at Idle Threat of the Week tend to disregard all of Iran's laughable bluster, so as to give other entities a chance to win the coveted award.

Anyway, even if fairness wasn't at play, its seems like most of the rhetoric out of Tehran is largely for the purpose of getting Iran in the news -- kind of like Paris Hilton and her vagina but with more emphasis on the elimination of Israel -- and by recognizing their threats we are actually giving them validity.

But now that we've significantly insulted the Islamic Republic by comparing her to A-Rod's taste in woman and Paris Hilton's vagina, we have to admit last week's Iranian idle threat nominee -- the one in which Iran officially released an image of four medium range missiles being tested, only for it to be revealed that it was actually three missiles with a fourth photosphoped in -- was too good pass up.

While Iran's wouldn't be the first government to dip into photoshop propaganda, there is something naively ridiculous in thinking that four non-nuclear land-launched missiles are so much scarier than three non-nuclear land-launched missiles that it is worth a credibility risking fraud. And Iran's image-altered saber-rattling is the Idle Threat of the Week for July 8th to 14th.

Now that Iran has shown they can bring their idle threats into 21rst century, they are going to have to go for something more Web 2.0 if they want to be recognized again by this body. I'm thinking a viral video of adorable Persian puppies soaked in the blood of vanquished invader armies. Ironically of course.

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