Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic update

Apparently last night all of the US woman's gymnasts fell down and blow the gold medal to a bunch of eight year old Chinese slaves. I have to admit ever since I learned NBC was broadcasting the Olympics on about a 24 hour tape delay I've lost any interest in watching. But if you do watch it tonight how will you even know the Chinese eight year olds winning the gold medal on TV are the same Chinese eight year olds who won it in real life? It seems to me, based on what has so far gone down in these games, the Chinese government and NBC will probably conspire to superimpose cuter eight-year olds over the actual footage.

In a related story, the Internet is abuzz about one of the American gymnasts who cost her nation gold by not being able to maintain her balance. Her name Alicia Sacramone and she has hit the sweet spot of being a moderately cute girl who happens to now be a famous athlete.

She also once flat knocked a guy out in a youtube video.

If you click through you will see that the victim of her feminine fury defends himself in the comment section. He went to Brown, so that pretty much explains everything.

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