Friday, September 19, 2008

Week three picks

At Atlanta -5.5 Kansas City
Atlanta rated #1 city for singles, Kansas City now #1 city for obscure quarterbacks.

At Buffalo -9.5 Oakland
It’s been over a week since the initial report that Monte Kifffin had been fired, and Kiffen is still around. The 33-year old attributes his surprising continued tenure to avoiding Owner Al Davis. Which is not hard to do considering, technically, Al Davis is dead.

At Tennessee -5 Houston
The city may have been hit hard by Ike, but Houston can take comfort in avoiding the whole Vince Young situation

At NY Giants -13.5 Cincinnati
Will the financial crisis put on damper on luxury box sales in the three new major New York City area stadiums opening up in the next two years? Eh, probably not.

At Washington -3 Arizona
Jim Zorn is the first NFL head coach with a Z name for at least 25 years. Using Google, it took me about five seconds to find that out. Isn’t technology grand?

At New England -12.5 Miami
Cassell a couple wins away from being able to impregnate a reality TV star.

At Chicago -3 Tampa Bay
Brian Griese returns to Chicago, which raises the question of when was the last time the Bears had a quarterback that wasn’t tied to drunkenness?

At Minnesota
-3.5 Carolina
Here is a picture of P Diddy stepping in poo just because.

At Seattle -9.5 St. Louis
The Seattle Seahawks are not too big to fail.

At San Francisco -4 Detroit
I now officially find people who take time out of their lives to protest Scientology more objectionable than actual Scientologists.

At Denver -5.5
New Orleans
Here's hoping Colorado's new swing state status will call more attention to Mike Shanahan's spectacular tan.

At Philadelphia -3.5 Pittsburgh
Tune in to see what Eagle player does something goofy around the goal line and costs hundred's of thousands of fantasy players their week.

At Baltimore -2 Cleveland
Given the current credit crisis and the continued lack of a gold standard, wouldn’t a credible third party Ron Paul candidacy be getting fun about now?

Dallas -3 At Green Bay 51
Given the talent surrounding both of the them, and Rogers's promising start, Romo vs. Rogers could quickly develop into the NFC's premier QB match up.

At San Diego -9 NY Jets 44
After blowing last week's game for the Chargers, Popeye-armed ref Ed Hochuli says he has been besieged with hate emails from San Diego. If there are two things that will never sound right in the same sentence it's "hate mail" and "San Diego."

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