Friday, August 25, 2006

Get a medic!

When I was growing up my friends were obsessed with dunking a basketball. Unfortunately, none of us were tall or athletic enough to be able to do so on a proper hoop. While I saw this as a sign it wasn't meant to be, my friends saw it as a challenge to round up trampolines, park benches and adjustable hoops and cheat the tyranny of ten feet.

I hated this, and thought we would be better off practicing real basketball -- because you get to the NBA on your shooting, passing and dribbling, not your dunking.

But it was usually about five to one in favor of silly dunk contests over valuable game play. I would petulantly watch and refuse to participate.

So when the boy-who-flew-too-high in this clip ends up writhing on the trampoline in pain I laughed and laughed.

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