Thursday, August 24, 2006

T.O. goes for fool me thrice

As a spurned Philadelphia Eagle fan, my official line on Terrell Owens has been that he will be great for the Dallas Cowboys this year because everyone knows it takes T.O. at least a year-and-a-half before he wears out his welcome in unique and unprecedented ways.

Furthermore, one would think that T.O., having already proven unable to get along as part of talented, contending teams in Philly and San Francisco, would go out of his way to makes sure his legacy won't be that of an incurable cancer -- especially with a
legendary coach and a borderline Hall-of-Fame quarterback at the helm in Dallas.

That's what I like to say publicly, but secretly I have been hoping for and predicting a Owens/Dallas implosion that comes with speed and ferocity.

It looks like reality is starting to align with my undercover desires.

T.O. has yet to play in a pre-season game for Dallas, and has missed the majority of training camp with a hamstring
injury that refuses to show up on a MRI. Coach Parcells is not pleased and has hinted he wouldn't be able to use a player in the regular season that he hasn't seen perform in the pre-season.

Owens responded to Parcells by echoing Allen Iverson's famous sentiments on
practice -- pure gasoline on any authoritarian football coach's fire.

It's no secret Parcells didn't want T.O. in the first place. Now that T.O. and Parcells are speaking through reporters and Drew Bledsoe's hold on the quarterback position is not as lock solid as previously thought -- increasing the specter of quarterback baiting from T.O. -- expect the drama in Irving to come to head sooner rather than later.

If Dallas decides T.O. is too much to handle, despite his talent, it's likely three strikes and Owens is out of the NFL.

This could be a blessing for America, because the way he has been riding that stationary bike at practice, T.O. just might be the best bet to restore our honor at next year's Tour de France.


The Purple One said...

Don't be bitter because I grabbed TO in the draft before you.

He is going to grab 100 rebounds this year....but if you are up for a trade now...I'd consider letting him go.

JT said...

If I do trade for him will you throw in Clinton Por-I mean TJ Duckett.