Thursday, August 17, 2006

Joementum suddenly real like a slap in the face

Joe Lieberman's ability to go from a Sore Loserman spoiler to a Rovian front-runner in a matter of days -- if not hours -- has left observers wondering what other super powers this new Indie Joe possesses.

Beyond a
second poll that shows Lieberman with a clear lead over Ned Lamont, Lieberman has a 53 percent approval rating in Connecticut. A higher percentage than Russ Feingold, John Kerry or Dick Durbin have in their respective states.

With Lieberman jumping out in front, and a fifty-fifty split in the Senate looking like one of the more probable November 3rd scenarios, I wonder how long it is going to be before the prominent Democrats who lined up for Lamont last week hedge their bets or even venture into the void of the middle and endorse the Joe they know.

It will be a hoot to see what the
senator-counting netroots do if their party-by-default turns its back on the candidate not named Joe. I will be so bold as to predict nasty words posted on blogs and message boards.

The early lead and overall majority is nice, but Lieberman still dances a dangerous bi-partisan dance. The key for Lamont's campaign is in making the 35 percent of Connecticut Democrats who support Lieberman uncomfortable that their guy is also being supported by 75 percent of state Republicans and an extremely unpopular president.

Doable, but they should be a concerned that, despite all the focus on the race and the war in Iraq, it hasn't been done.

Late word is that popular actress Nicole Kidman has
endorsed the Lieberman line on the War on Terror.

More evidence of Joementum gone wild.

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