Thursday, August 17, 2006

She's back

This guy is about to give creepy looking teachers who move to Asia and live in neighborhoods known for their massage parlors and sex industry a bad name.

Speaking of creepy and unfair, the JonBenet ordeal can make even the most casual observer feel dirty -- and it turns out Patricia Ramsey was right all along about what happened to her daughter. I guess the world owes Patsy a huge apology. Too bad she is dead.

It always struck me as odd that so much suspicion was directed towards the mother in a murder that involved elements of sexual assault. Patsy must have come off like a freak, or was just so insufferable that all of the investigators wanted her incarcerated so she would stop bothering them.

Loose-lipped admitted killer
John Mark Karr needs to get himself a lawyer and a new shirt. The rest of us need to get ready for lots of photographs of a perfectly coiffed six year-old who was brutally murdered ten years ago.

Looks like I picked a good time to go on vacation.

Update: Karr might be making the whole thing up. If so, he has done an excellent job dressing exactly like a sexually deranged child killer would.


SquirrleyMojo said...

Well put.

Katie T said...

That dude is a sick, sick f*ck. He was the default pic on my msn page the other day - I changed websites just to avoid looking at him.
Yes, the world does own Mrs. Ramsey and the entire Ramsey family an apology - a big big apology. Poor things. At least Patsy and J are together to see this thing unfold.
As far Mr. Sick 2nd Grade teacher - he'll get what's coming to him. That's for sure. But in the meantime could someone put a bag over his head so we don't have to look at him? Paper or plastic. I think I have a dry cleaning bag in the back of my car I'd be willing to donate.