Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Leary proves Jameson is stronger than Manishevitz

Last night, actor Denis Leary was brought into the Boston Red Sox broadcast booth to discuss a fireman-related charity. When Leary learns Red Sox first baseman Kevin "The Greek God of Walks" Youkilis isn't really Greek, comic mayhem ensues.

This clip includes a Ted Kennedyesque mispronunciation of Javy Lopez's name, broad insults directed towards the dietary habits of Irish Catholics and Jews, the resurrection of Sandy Koufax's pitching career, and the continuation of Mel Gibson's national shaming.

While the potential for awkwardness was everywhere, it turns out hilarious. Pay special attention to the Red Sox play-by-play guy almost keeling and dying from laughter. Also note how Leary, the well-lubricated comedic pro, has the good sense to keep the gag going when the layman would have believed it to have run its course -- and how Leary's decision to extend it is rewarded by the action on the field.

Tune in next week when Leary finds out Red Sox third basemen Mike Lowell is Cuban.

Update: All forms of this video have been removed from youtube at the request of the New England Sports Network, who claim copyright. Whether that is their regular policy, or just their policy for this video I don't know. Anyway, it was really funny. . . Update: I tracked down a partial transcript.

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