Friday, August 04, 2006

Starting off on the wrong foot

New England Patriot safety Tebucky Jones, already of some repute for being a human being named "Tebucky," is making a serious bid to expand his notoriety.

Jones, who makes over 3 million dollars a year, is in the
process of evicting his mother from a condo he owns. The reason? Mom hasn't been paying the 115 dollar-a-month rent lately.

Maryann Jones has a history of crack dealing, but that didn't seem to bother Tebucky in 1998 when he offered to pay any fine to keep his mother out of prison. It appears he turned on her only after she gave up dealing drugs, developed breast cancer and stopped sending him monthly checks.

Maybe there is more to this story, or maybe Tebucky Jones doesn't make any sense. He sure didn't get a good start to a-life-lived-rationally when his mother named him Tebucky.

So let that be a lesson to all the parents out there -- names have consequences.

Yes Gwyneth, I'm talking to you.

* Full disclosure. I actually like the way the Tebucky sounds. I just wouldn't want it to be my name. Or be responsible for bestowing it on another. I also like the way abracadabra sounds . . .


Anonymous said...

Have considered the ‘Boy named Sue’ theory?

Anonymous said...

I missed a 'you' b/t have and considered. Anonymity is a beautiful thing.