Thursday, August 10, 2006

The terrorists want to be like Mike

In their never ending quest to turn what makes us great against us, the terrorists have resorted to using that most American of thirst quenchers, the sports drink, in their latest barbarous plot.

Thankfully, their plan was foiled by our British allies in the War on Terror.

Robert Oppenheimer has known the sinking sensation Gatorade inventor Dr. Robert Cade feels today, as he learns the non-carbonated beverage he brought into the world could have killed so many.

It has been reported the despair of current Gatorade pitchman
Keith Jackson is cataclysmic.

All Americans should be asking the President and his Congress to detail the steps they had been taking to secure the
Gatorade Sports Science Institute.

Sure, they will say they are making moves to protect the facility now.

But one step behind isn't good enough it these precarious times.


jdmain said...

An article I read made a pretty good point by assuming that if these foolios were sucessful and the plane crashed into the ocean investigators would have little to no chance of collecting forensic evidence meaning that this method could be repeated.

JT said...

Assuming the detonation brought down all ten planes.