Thursday, September 14, 2006

It is a little more likely Nancy Grace will go to hell

Nancy Grace, who hosts a prosecutorial crime show on a station that used to just give us the news, is in the headlines this morning after a woman committed suicide following the taping of a segment for Grace's show.

The woman, Melinda Duckett, was interviewed by Grace about the disappearance of her 2-year old son and, although police say Duckett is not a suspect, Grace accused her of complicity, did a lot of desk pounding and demanded Duckett take a polygraph test.

Duckett's family cited the stress and humiliation created by Grace's accusations as one of the reasons for the suicide.

Of course that is impossible to know. And it might well be that Grace, a successful former prosecutor, was on to something with her line of questioning and Duckett killed herself out of unrelated guilt.

That being said, every time I see a clip of Grace's "aggressive" interviewing style, I not-so-secretly wish the person she is grilling would reach over and smack Grace on the nose.

But it's not all bad with Nancy and me: A clip of Grace demanding "the rape stats" ranks among the funniest 30 seconds of my life. OK, rape stats might not sound funny, but just watch this.

I do, whenever I'm feeling blue.

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