Tuesday, September 05, 2006

JSB comment policy

On Friday it was revealed Lee Siegel, a long-time staple at the New Republic, has been using a "sockpuppet" to anonymously attack his critics on the comment section of the blog he kept for the magazine.

Not content to simply rebut those who attacked him first, Siegel's sockpuppet also made self-aggrandizing comments. For example the sockpuppet once e-claimed his master "is brave, brilliant and wittier than (Jon) Stewart will ever be," and added, "take that, you bunch of immature, abusive sheep."

It is important to remember that Lee Siegel and his sockpuppet are middle aged adults who have enjoyed previous professional success.

When Siegel's ruse was exposed, he tried to play it off as a "prank." But New Republic Editor-in-Chief Franklin Foer wasn't buying that explanation, and
suspended the senior editor Siegel indefinitely.

Like The New Republic, we at jsb take our comment section very seriously. While I might beg, cajole or even bribe friends and relatives to post comments, I exert no editorial control over these comments.

So if you comment on jsb, rest assured you will not be attacked by JT posing under some deceptive handle. Also, with each comment, you will get a little chit that can be used on judgment day against minor transgressions such as white lies, theft and cruelty to bugs, reptiles, amphibians and smaller mammals.

But if there is ever another
attack on air-conditioning -- the greatest invention in the history of Western civilization -- like there was this morning, the comment will be deleted. If the anti-air conditioning comments continue after this removal, I will not hesitate to shut down jsb's comment section altogether. Especially if these attacks take place during the summer months.

I sincerley hope it will not come to this.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to open for discussion what might happen if the members of the Government conducted their business in rooms cooled only by ceiling fans. I’m thinking leaner, greener legislators would emerge.