Friday, October 13, 2006

NFL picks week 6

Seattle at ST. LOUIS (+3) St. Louis is a soft 4 and 1, but Seattle doesn't have Alexander and the Rams are getting points.

TENNESSEE at Washington (-10.5) The 'skins just lost their kicker. Still haven't found their playbook.

BUFFALO at Detroit (+1.5) Over in Comerica, Jim Leyland is managing the Tigers with the illogical, reckless abandoned of a young Brett Farve. And like a young Brett Farve's he's getting results. But the old Brett Farve should warn the current Jim Leyland that game doesn't last forever.

CINCINNATI at Tampa Bay (+6) Football's never had a you-don't-lose-your-starting-job-due-to-injury culture. Does Tampa Bay make an exception in the case of internal organ loss?

Carolina at BALTIMORE (-3) The Raven's offense would have rocked in 2003. Now, not so much. I'm as unsure of this pick as I am the previous four.

PHILADELPHIA at New Orleans (+3.5) Here's something I am sure about -- McNabb's the leagues first 1/3 MVP.

HOUSTON at Dallas (-13.5) It's been obscured by the T.O. brouhaha, but Terry Glenn has never looked less like a transvestite.

Giants at ATLANTA (-3) Atlanta would be the worst team in the league for the Giants to do their standard fall behind big act against. Atlanta would also be one of the most unlikely teams to jump to a big lead.

Miami at JETS (-2) The definition of Chutzpah: Culpepper making a fuss about being benched.

SAN DIEGO at San Fransisco (+10) Fun facts: Chop Suey was invented in San Fransisco in 1878. San Diego is not named after a whale's vagina.

KANSAS CITY at Pittsburgh (-6.5) Last week Larry Johnson almost lost his head. Literally, for once.

Oakland at DENVER (-14.5) Art Shell's offensive coordinator had been out of football for more than a decade. He kept close to the game by running a Bed and Breakfast. This is not a joke. The Raiders offense has been.

CHICAGO at Phoenix (+10.5) Urlacher vs. Lienart in the Paris Hilton bowl. Loser buys the penicillin.


Ben said...

Wow, JSB...looks like these picks were pretty rock solid...

JT said...

I did admit, during the Ravens/Pathers entry, I had no idea what I was doing this week. It's was a tough one.