Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Will the Senate go the way of Suppan's right arm?

Parkinson's disease sufferer Michael J. Fox's pro-stem-cell research ads have made a splash in Missouri's Senatorial race. Even ex-Missourian Rush Limbaugh has weighed in, claiming Fox is either exaggerating his tremors, or is off his medication. You know things are getting hot when Rush Limbaugh Rush Limbaugh is driven to make provocative and unsubstantiated claims.

Fox shot the ads on behalf of Democrat candidate Claire McCaskill, who favors government involvement in stem-cell research. Many doctors and scientists believe stem-cells could help cure diseases like Parkinson's in the future.

GOP candidate Jim Talent opposes public money for stem-cell research because, among other things, he doesn't want the government to be involved in something that might encourage or lead to human cloning.

To counter the lovable Back to the Future star and famous Canadian, anti-stem-cell groups gathered an impressive mix of prominent Missouri athletes and God's son to shoot an ad representing their side of the argument.

Well, not exactly God's son. Jim Caveizel is actually an actor who famously played Jesus. But -- when we go to
video tape -- it appears he still thinks he's Jesus. Caveizel kicks the spot off speaking Aramaic and closes it with the creepy, airy confidence of a Messiah addressing his disciples.

In between, the athletes plead their stem-cell opposition. Most notable is St. Louis Cardinal pitcher Jeff Suppan, who is slated to start game four of the World Series tonight -- when the spot is scheduled to make its television debut in Missouri.

Talent has been trailing McCaskill since the end of the summer, but the latest polls show him
inching back ahead. Is this really the time for Talent to strap his political fortunes to a pitcher with a 4.61 career ERA? That is the move of a far more desperate candidate.

Talent might just catch a temporary break from this potential electoral calamity as game four is likely to be rained out.

Unless Jim Caviezel has anything to do with it


Jacob said...

What the heck is he doing speaking Aramaic at the start of that commercial? I couldn't believe it when I watched the video on YouTube. It makes no sense other than to clothe him in an aura of Jesus.

JT said...

Well, he went throught the process of learning the dead langauge, so he probably looks for excuses to excercise his unique talent. Or he just really, really thinks he is JC. There is no question he thinks he's something. If this ad works for Talent, Caveizel could have quiet a career in endorsements.