Monday, November 06, 2006

NBA league pass was free last week

JSB special correspondent Hoops McCann was once a schoolyard superman. Now he watches a lot of basketball on television. Here are his latest musings on the association and, oddly, the Food Network.


Gone to the blogs said...

I agree that the Nike/Lebron ads represent a giant leap for both athlete and genre.

PSA...For those wondering, the laid-back groove that accompanies Lebron's perfect-10 double from the high dive is none other than Kool and The Gang's "Summer Madness." This tune is a dark-horse contender for boasting one of the greatest musical hooks of all time. (It also doubles as a handy hearing test.)

Anonymous said...

I was at the Spurs/Knicks last night. The highlight of the game for me was asking a vendar to bring Baltimore O's great, Eddie Murray, a jumbo cotton candy and Dr. Suess hat. Eddie looked over and waived as I chanted "Eddie, Eddie, Eddie." He wasn't sure if I was mocking him and showing some kind of respect. Other than that highlight, all I could do was marvell at the mess Ike Thomas has created. I'll be at the Nets/Jazz tomorrow and will report any interesting drunken activities or observations.

Anonymous said...

Good looking out all around. I’m glad to have the worldly type of reader that can spot a seventies hook or an eighties slugger. Props for sending over gifts; next time try to capture it on a cell phone camera and post. I watched the Jazz hold off the Pistons last night. While Jason Collins will do a good job of bodying up of Booz, AK and Okur should present match up problems for the Net’s front line. Does Jarron get too few minutes for this to be billed as a battle of the Collins twins?

Anonymous said...

The Nets/Jazz game was pretty good last night. After watching them play, I don’t think the Jazz are as good as their record reflects at this point in the season, but that is a conversation for another time. What was more interesting was the Nets Dancers’ autograph booth before the game. Attendants were handing out free posters featuring the Nets Dance Team and there was a small line formed to get about five member autographs. The line consisted mostly of children and their parents looking to milk this sideshow attraction. I asked one of the dancers to address her autograph to Andrei Kirilenko. After she signed I jokingly said if she put her number below her signature, I’d pass it along to Andrei after the game. I don’t think she knew who AK-47 was and she didn’t get my joke, so I quickly thanked her and moved on politely. Unfortunately, I left the poster under my seat, so I’ll have to get another one if they do the dancer autographs again. I’ll be at the Nets/Heat on Friday so maybe I'll get my chance.