Monday, November 06, 2006

Idle threat of the week

During a week when up to 60 percent of the nation was somewhat focused on the midterm elections, the panel of judges concluded we'd be remiss if we didn't elect a politically themed Idle Threat of the Week.

In these highly-partisan times we are all encouraged to feel threatened by the stances of both parties. Yet close to 100 percent of these threats/promises are essentially idle in accordance with the long-standing tradition of electioneering.

Although the panel couldn't bring ourselves to impugn the system as a whole because, despite our collective knowledge, we were unable to be constructive and think of a better one. And we decided not to single out a particular political candidate for the award -- it would be unfair to his or her opponent, and it's too late in the game to grant equal time.

Instead we decided to recognize the "October surprise." Maybe there was a time the "October surprise" did threaten to change the political landscape on the proverbial dime. But that was before there was so much chatter about and speculation upon what the coming "October surprise" would be. When something becomes anticipated it obviously loses its element of "surprise."

Furthermore, whatever the non-surprise "surprise" might be, it can now be easily dismissed as merely fulfilling the "October surprise" quotient we've come to expect. No matter how relevant it actually is.

While there is no doubt this season's "October surprises" were the gayest on record, the panel of judges, by awarding the "October surprise" the Idle Threat of the Week for October 30 to November 5, has decided the latest crop are also the least likely to actually influence an election.

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"Hate Dubya" for Five Years has had
its impact if we are to believe the
nation-wide polls.

It seems that Hillary's 'Vast Right
Wing Conspiracy' has an Huge, Heavily Funded Left Wing!

We hear "Neo-Con", No 'Neo-Lib'!
Why is that? reb