Friday, December 29, 2006

Death Watch: Saddam leaves them hanging edition

I went to bed last night safe in the knowledge that Saddam Hussein would be hung by Sunday and the rule of three -- the most sacred rule in all of Death Watching -- would reign.

But now the ingrates in the Iraqi government want to
delay Hussein's execution by up to a month, leaving Gerald Ford and James Brown hanging, so to speak.

Since I'm not religious, I don't necessarily buy into the theory that when two prominent people die within a couple days of each other, but aren't quickly matched with a third appropriately prominent death, their two prominent souls must wander purgatory for an eternity.

But I will tell you this: When historians are forced to trio Ford and Brown with ne'er-do-well infielder
Chris Brown -- whose claim to fame was missing a game for "sleeping on the wrong eye" -- it will constitute a stunning rebuke to the legacies of the 38th President and the "hardest working man in show business."

Four years ago the United States had the prescience to invade Iraq and capture and try for war crimes Iraq's world famous, despotic leader. Now when that same leader's timely execution could complete a proper send off for two great Americans it gets caught in some bureaucratic snag and might be delayed?

Sometimes you have to ask yourself -- what's the point?

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Anonymous said...

Saddam will not live to see 2007.