Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pauly Shore weasels his way into a little publicity

When I first heard about Michael Richards' racist tirade I was pulling hard for it being an attention grabbing prank. This wasn't because I couldn't stand the thought of "Kramer" being a racist, but because any publicity stunt that takes advantage of a new technology and our outrageous outrage culture deserves the utmost praise.

While it appears Richards' comedy club performance was merely the rantings of semi-madman, it still achieved the desired effect of a well-timed publicity stunt: Sales of Seinfeld DVD's reached record heights and Richards, whose career had flat-lined years ago, became more of a household name than he was even during the apex of his Seinfeld glory.

This lesson wasn't lost on
Pauly Shore -- and, let's face it, you can't squeeze a fairly entertaining career out of a talentless core when you let the lessons pass you by.

Here is Shore hurling "classist" epithets at a heckling crowd in Odessa, Texas last weekend and getting punched out for it (NSFW, language.)

It took about a day of increased "Pauly Shore" searches and clicks on "Pauly Shore" related material for the whole thing to be exposed as a well-orchestrated hoax. So big ups to Pauly for getting his name out there and remember, kids, just because you saw it on Youtube it doesn't mean that it is real.

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