Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A reason to appluad the outgoing Congress

As the Democrats will soon find out, the big problem in controlling Congress is it means you now have more congressmen than the other party. And what, exactly, do members of Congress do? Well, there's the bill writing and the nomination approving stuff, but then there is also the graft and the sex scandals and the potentially insensitive statements.

That is not to suggests that those who serve in Congress are inherently corrupt or foolishly loose lipped, it's just to say if you have 535 human beings of any stripe a few of them are going to be bad apples and a few more are going to be regular apples who have "gone astray."

But if you think Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid face challenges controlling their recently expanded flock, what about the party leader in India -- a much larger country with a much larger Congress?

The law of averages caught up with the Indian Parliament yesterday with not one, but two MP's sentenced for killing people.

The first was your typical, run-of-the-mill
parking dispute turned beating death, while the second was a premeditated and successful plan to off a blackmail-threatening political aide.

Since one MP was from the government and the other from the opposition, Indian political equilibrium stands. Although each side diligently prepares its reaction to the future, tie-breaking murder.

And, back in the states, despite a
couple of close calls, we've never had a member of Congress convicted of killing another person.

A legacy the 109th Congress has proudly continued.

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