Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Brazil is really touchy about their supermodels

When I think of Brazil I think of its excellent national soccer team, which has won two of the last four World Cups and should be the heavy favorites to take the 2010 title in South Africa.

I've also been hearing a lot about Brazilian supermodels lately, so I've been checking them out too. Like most supermodels, they don't quite live up to potentially explosive combination of the word's "super" and "model," but they are still something the nation of almost 200 million should be proud of.

How proud, I had no idea.

Last summer Daniela Cicarelli, a Brazilian supermodel and the ex-fiancee of soccer superstar Ronaldo, was filmed on a Spanish beach having sex with her current banker boyfriend.

As would be expected when famous people engage publically in sexual behavior, the video tape quickly made the Internet. Suddenly shy, the couple sued Youtube for removal of the tape. A judge in Brazil agreed and, in September, issued an injunction supporting their complaint. In response, Youtube immediately pulled the video.

But -- like a sexy cockroach -- the video refused to die. Youtube users in Brazil and around the world kept the tape on-line by continuing to upload saved copies using different, deceptive tags. Youtube, which deals with 65,000 uploads a day, will delete the video when they find it, but lack the ability to flag and filter out every video in real time.

So last Thursday, as a way of preventing Brazilians from seeing the tape, another judge banned Youtube from Brazil. While this extreme action obviously increased interest in the video world-wide, Youtube currently can't be accessed in much of Brazil. A panel of three judges will meet this week to decide on the price of their supermodel's honor, and could fine Youtube up to 119,000 dollars for each day the video remained on-line after the initial court order.

I'm sure the video in question is still floating around Youtube under some obscure and mysterious tag. I tried a few really obvious English phrases earlier this morning to no avail. If you are creative and have foreign language skills -- especially Portuguese -- you might be able to find the tape.

Although I doubt it's worth the time. And it certainly couldn't be worth 119,000 dollars a day.


Anonymous said...

you erroneously grant Brazil status as "heavy favorites" in 2010. They have no current coach, are losing 4-6 starting players, 60% of their scoring, and still can't play defense...

And the supermodel is pretty frieking hot as well.

is this the JT "scale" at work again???


JT said...

I just assume Brazil is always the haeavy favorite when the world cup is held outside of Europe. It's been either them or Argentina or nobody else in previous non-european settings going back about 60 years.

As for that model -- I'd go with sorta, fairly attractive.

Anonymous said...

so about a 4 on your scale.