Thursday, January 18, 2007

The legend of Ron Mexico continues

Late word, last night was Michael Vick tried to sneak a water bottle with a secret compartment containing a "small amount of dark particulate and a pungent aroma closely associated with marijuana" through the security gate at Miami Dade Airport.

While the Atlanta Falcons' quarterback has never been known for his decision making, attempting to bring an illegal substance through airport security by stashing it in something -- a water bottle over three ounces -- the TSA still has on its prohibited items list is stupid on the rare invading-Russia-in-winter or marrying-Courtney-Love level.

This will not be Vick's first brush with our legal system. Two years back he was involved in a civil case that alleged Vick goes around the greater Atlanta area infecting young women with Herpes Simplex 2.

It was further detailed Vick knew he had the disease but used the pseudonym "Ron Mexico" to hide his identity when he got treatment.

I remember feeling bad for Vick at the time. I would hate to be a prominent person forced to go around with a big scarlet "H" around my neck.

But it would have its advantages: If, for example, you wanted to smuggle a very small amount of marijuana onto an airplane you could stick the weed in your underwear.

And figure that's a place the typical airport screener would be even more reluctant to go.

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