Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mother Nature: Not comfortable with the victim card

Eyebrows have been raised, over the last couple months, as environmentalist and Evangelicals have been increasingly joining forces to fight "global warming."

It doesn't seem like such a odd coupling to me: Evangelicals get tingly when they successfully spread the word on the likelihood of Jesus' return and the planetary doom that would accompany it, just like environmentalists get tingly when they successfully spread the word on the latest climate catastrophe scenario and the planetary doom that would accompany it.

And I imagine all tingly feelings relating to consensus on the coming apocalypse are similar enough.

Since we have already delved deeply into the supernatural and the highly speculative I would like to share a fear I have: I'm starting to worry about how Mother Nature is taking all of this talk of the devastating effects of rising temperatures.

Mother Nature has been around for a long time, and we might be messing with her pride when we claim she will be completely knocked out of sorts by some earthly carbon. Dinosaur flatulence was nothing to sneeze at but she got through that OK.

I see that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to form a committee on "global warming" and even President Bush might address the issue in his next State of the Union.

They might want to hold off. It was about a week ago when California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, amongst much fan-fare, signaled his intention to make fighting global warming one of the cornerstones of his administration.

I hear it's been cold in sunny California ever since.

Maybe it's just a coincidence, but I say it would be best for everyone if all grand declarations on global warming are made only in the dead of summer.

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