Friday, January 26, 2007

NBA midseason report

The NBA regular season has hit its midpoint, and while I have my own thoughts on the association, I'll keep them to myself and present the analysis of one Hoops McCann -- who's been telling me he's a genius since he was seventeen.

But I will comment on the state of announcing in the NBA. Ever since Hoops was able to rig me a connection to NBA league pass on my computer I've been watching the occasional NBA game on broadband. The feeds come from all over the country, so now I know what it sounds like to watch professional basketball on television in places like Memphis and Milwaukee.

And it doesn't sound pretty -- unless you are a fan of irrational exuberance, unbridled enthusiasm and unintelligible lapses into regional dialects.

As a long-time DC-area resident, I guess I never knew how good I had it with the long-time local team of Steve Buckhantz and Phil Chenier. When the others yell, they discuss politely. When the others over hype the mundane, they only get excited on the rare occasion a NBA regular season basketball game has excited you.

Most importantly, they display a measured reluctance to immediately criticize the ref every time a call goes against the home team, wise in their knowledge the upcoming replay is the most impartial of arbitrators.

It could be the DC broadcast team's low key demeanor is a function of going through so many losing seasons with the Washington franchise, and now that the Wizards are good we have the perfect storm of an exciting basketball team and a beaten down, slightly shell-shocked announcing tandem.

Well, I think it's a perfect storm. More hot-blooded types might disagree.

Here is Hoops.

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