Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hoops checks in, Amaechi comes out

Off the court issues have dominated The Association today:

First we got word that John Amaechi, a former journeymen center of some repute, has proudly come out as a gay American. Actually, that is not true. The Manchester-born Amaechi was the first NBAer to complain to the refs in a proper English accent.

Now he is the first to come out as a homosexual. Coincidence? I report, you decide.

In more brutally violent news, it seems purging themselves of Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson hasn't solved the Indiana Pacers' beating-people-up problem. Last night Jamaal Tinsley and Marquis Daniel allegedly fist pounded an Indianapolis bar manager to the point of ear severance. The players deny the charges against them.

Bar brawls and "I'm coming out" autobiographies might grab the headlines but, as usual, Hoops McCann is doing the dirty work of between the baselines basketball analysis.

Here is his latest dispatch.


Anonymous said...

please comment on the ridiculous fashion statement made by Drew Gooden's "cube of pubes" on the nape of his neck. And on the same team, you have scot pollard looking like the bother of VHI celebrity commentator, ex musician, you know that guy with the really long goatee...


Anonymous said...

With basketball overtaking soccer as the world’s game, the court may begin to challenge field as a platform for bold hairstyling. While Pollard has always marched to his own personal style drummer, Gooden and Mike Miller are new to the scene of forcing fans to ask why. Having witnessed the hair of countless first year players ritualistically butchered by older classmates over the years, I tip my hat to Gooden on his creativity. Without touching the eyebrows, and while maintaining symmetry, he created an exotically mock-worthy cut. As a player, he is the lone overachiever on the Cavs. In last night’s romp of the Heat, it was Gooden relentless attack on the offensive glass that held off Miami in the middle quarters and caused Hubie Brown to gush.