Thursday, February 08, 2007

Tarot cards just got a lot sexier

A tarot card reader in Coons Rapids Minnesota, who goes by the name of "Maestro" professionally, is facing six felonies for practicing his time-honored brand of psychic trickery.

OK, he did it with a twist. Part of his fortune telling involved watching a curious couple have sex. Where he really ran afoul of the law was when he videotaped the copulation, and it was discovered the female part of the equation was only 16- years old. Although the guy was 19, and if you add 19 and 16 and divide it by two . . . well, you're almost there.

But before you heap condemnation on 40-year old Miguel Antonio Garcia Garro, consider this: He was able to get the amorous couple to pay him in excess of 800 dollars for the privilege of having sex on a cold desk in his dingy office while his creepy self hovered over them. That's mighty impressive. Especially when you consider how much money 800 dollars must be to teenagers in Coons Rapids, Minnesota who consult psychics.

If the magic of Maestro could be taught it would forever alter the business model of the pornography industry.

The tarot card industry too.

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