Thursday, February 08, 2007

Death Watch: Anna Nicole Smith likely dead

It's always sad when a 39-year old dies. But this one comes as no surprise. Anna Nicole Smith was the most out-of-control of train wrecks, and each time she stumbled through a public appearance it set abuzz the tight-nit community of death watchers.

Experienced death watchers were first introduced to Smith in 1994 when the then 26-year Playboy model married 89-year old oil billionaire J. Howard Marshall.

As expected Marshall died soon afterwards and Smith, in accordance with the oral will the late oilman left, inherited over 400 million dollars . Marshall's son sued and the money has been tied up in the legal system since. The endless appeals and change of venues reached the United States Supreme Court in 2005. The highest court in the land ruled Smith's claim couldn't be dismissed. The case is still pending. Now both Marshall's son and Anna Nicole Smith are dead. Justice will outlive us all.

Smith's rags to riches tale of rural Texas Red Lobster waitress to Playboy Playmate of the Year and the face of Guess? Jeans inspired certain segments of a large nation. Smith was best known for her large breasts and ditzy persona. She once starred in a popular reality show which bore her name and highlighted her large breasts and ditzy persona. Her death will not be a positive development for the controversial diet pill she endorses.

Anna Nicole Smith died in Hollywood -- Hollywood, Florida. In light of her trailer park roots and her lust for old people that sounds about right.

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