Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Idle threat of the week

As is often the case, there has been a disagreement brewing at Idle Threat of the Week central over what exactly constitutes an idle threat. Because it involves presidential politics, and yesterday was President's Day, we have decided to present thumbnail sketches of each side's argument:

Some amongst us believe there is no possible way the '08 presidential campaign can continue to deliver on its horrible threat to be a dominant force in the news cycle for another 21 months -- as it has done successfully for the last few weeks.

Others recognize that, because of the increased venues for media distribution, it is entirely plausible -- on certain channels so to speak -- the race for '08 will be the most intense, heavily scrutinized two-year marathon ever run.

Both sides agree it will be a brutal affair, with each potential and current campaign development bludgeoned to death like a baby seal -- before being resurrected a month later for slaughter once again.

Ultimately it will be up to the individual whether or not to follow. Some will check out, only to return if Hillary shaves her head or Obama declares his hatred of gay people or Rudy is found dead of mysterious causes in an Indian Casino hotel room. Others -- the chronically civic minded and the deranged -- will soldier on, and carry a burden once held exclusively by the broad-shouldered folks in Iowa and New Hampshire.

It is incumbent upon each one of you to decide if the super-extended version of the 2008 presidential campaign -- the Idle Threat of the Week for February 12-18 -- is really an idle threat at all.

That's democracy. George Washington would be proud.

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