Friday, February 16, 2007

Say you want a revolution

It is a little difficult to tell exactly what is going on in this video, so here is a quick summary: Yesterday Paris Hilton was in Vienna for a personal appearance. Insanely, when the hotel heiress goes to other countries she is treated like the long-lost Beatle. What this says, I'm not sure. But if an Austrian ever gives you crap about anything refer to this video, point at them, and begin laughing hysterically.

That's neither here nor there. The important thing is about halfway through whatever Paris is doing to elicit all of those screams, she is pelted with lipstick and cigarettes and forced to flee for her safety.

Mischievous teenagers? Oh no. It was later confirmed Paris had come under fire from a gang of communists.

The communists have fallen upon hard times, reduced to weaponizing the contents of a woman's purse when they once commanded vast columns of tanks. Nevertheless, if they were aiming to restart the revolution, going after Paris Hilton is a lot wiser than taking on the church, modern industry and the bourgeoisie.

Celebrity is the opiate of the masses. If nothing else, put that slogan under Paris' face and it makes for a fine novelty T-shirt.

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