Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Where have you gone Paulina Porizkova?

Back, many years ago, before everything got so glossy and semi-nude, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue was a check-for-it-in-the-mail big deal. This year, even though she is more of a celebrity than a swimsuit model, Beyonce is the cover girl. Maybe that's the direction SI has been going lately. I wouldn't know, with the flesh-filled Internet distracting me. But I do smell synergy.

Anyway, the designers got it right putting her on the cover sideways. Wouldn't want a repeat of this.

In care you're wondering, Paulina Porizkova went into the domestic embrace of Cars' frontman Ric Ocasek, and the crazy kids have beat the odds and remained together ever since -- happy Valentine's Day. They met 23 years ago on the set of the video for Drive. Which was the only one of Cars' big hits the late Benjamin Orr, not Ocasek, sang.

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