Friday, March 30, 2007

17 Songs I've been Listening to

Every few months, when I can't think of anything else to write about, I'll provide a list of some of the songs that have been wearing out the play count column of my Itunes lately. As a new feature I'm providing links, when they are available, to the songs on Youtube. There isn't always a proper video, and some of the live versions don't sound that great.

It Ended On An Oily Stage British Sea Power Open Season
Interesting band with a dramatic sound and esoteric lyrics.

Mr. November The National Alligator
I discovered The National a few weeks ago. Their dark often paranoid presentation reminds me of their fellow Ohioans, the Afghan Whigs.

King's Lead Hat Brian Eno Before & After Science
As a solo artist Eno is best known for music without words -- but he happens to be supremely gifted with them.

You Were Right Badly Drawn Boy Have You Feed The Fish
A throwback to the lyrically dense, sweet pop ballads singer/songwriters like Michael Penn and Julian Lennon were churning out in the 80's.

New Generation (London) Suede Dog Man Star
Glam rock at its epic best.

Shoot The Runner Kasabian Empire
Speaking of which, this naked tribute to Bowie is pretty good too.

Energy Apples in Stereo New Magnetic Wonder
Geeky power pop that would pump energy into a slug.

Steel Claw Tina Turner Private Dancer
This songs just rocks, although less so in the live version linked.

In The Morning Junior Boys Last Exit
Easily accessible techno-pop.

The Last Of The Famous International Playboys Morrissey Bona Drag
Morrisey uses his iconoclastic brilliance to rail against societies glamorization of criminals .

Disco 2000 Pulp Different Class
If this sounds familiar, it's because Pulp stole the riff from the Laura Branigan classic "Gloria."

Portions For Foxes Rilo Kiley More Adventures
Jenny Lewis has a divine voice, which shines through even when she is performing with an acoustic guitar and a creepy puppet, like she does here.

You Were A Party 764-Hero Nobody Knows This Is Everywhere
If the power chords are powerful enough it's OK when they are repeated over and over again.

Here Comes The Summer Fiery Furnaces The Fiery Furnaces EP
The random children featured in the video linked having nothing to do with the band or me.

Sometimes A Pony Gets Depressed Silver Jews Tanglewood Numbers
I want to write a movie so I can put this song in it. This live version doesn't come close to conveying the song's cinematic worthiness.

Supermassive Black Hole Muse Black Holes and Revelations
You often hear that a band "sounds like Radiohead." This band really does sound like Radiohead.

More Than A Feeling Boston Boston
The lead singer of Boston died about a week ago. Reminding everyone that Tom Scholz, the MIT-educated computer genius behind Boston's crisp, over-dubbed sound, wasn't the lead singer, and is still alive.

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