Thursday, March 08, 2007

It was either him or famous dolphin Jason Taylor

Lefthander Dontrelle Willis's career has been impressive. He blasted onto the scene in 2003 and led his tiny market, underdog Marlins to an improbable World Series victory over the mighty Yankees -- winning the Rookie of the Year along the way.

He was even better in 2005, topping the Major Leagues in wins and posting the third lowest earned run average among qualified starters.

Willis's sky-high leg kick makes him one of the most recognizable players in baseball, and his affable demeanor makes him one of the more popular figures in sports. But Dontrelle Willis has never been featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Until this week. Until SI decided to tackle the pressing topic of sports and global warming.

When the globe warms the stadiums will flood with water. And Dontrelle Willis is a Marlin. And a Marlin is a fish. And a fish's natural habitat is the very water that will flood our stadiums.

So Willis, who didn't even know he was so honored until a reporter showed him a copy of the magazine, has finally made the cover of Sports Illustrated. Because he is a fish.

Just the way he dreamt it when he was a boy.

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