Friday, April 13, 2007

Cheney loses the Mormons, birds

With college admissions becoming more and more of a high priced arms race every year, the quality of the commencement speaker has never been more important.

If a university gets a good one -- especially if he says something clever or newsworthy -- the school gets free advertising in papers all over the country. Get a bad one and the students and alum start feeling grumpy and insecure about their place in the college landscape.

Traditionally, high-ranking politicians have been at the top of the list of "gets." Not so much these days, as the Bush administration isn't very popular with the collegiate set.

Still, the administration wisely decided Vice President Dick Cheney needed a little spring exercise and dispatched his commencement wisdom out to Brigham Young University and The United States Military Academy.

They should have just stuck to West Point, as it seems Cheney's impending visit to Provo has sparked the rare Mormon protest -- careful Cougars, it's a slippery slope, next thing you know there will be a Starbucks in the main quad.

Adding to Cheney's tough week, this morning a jihadi bird tried to take out Air Force II.

Silly bird. Silly Mormons. Do they honestly think they can do what scandal upon scandal and coronary incident upon coronary incident couldn't? Who's living in the bubble of delusion now?

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