Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hoops McCann is not into the health food

Last night the New York Knicks and the Chicago Bulls almost tussled. At issue was the Bulls, who were up by 30, trying to reach 100 points – which would have netted all the fans in attendance a free Big Mac -- in the closing minutes of the game. The teams exchanged pointed words after the final buzzer, but everyone kept their hands to themselves. “They were definitely trying to rub it in,” whined Knick Eddy Curry.

Nobody is sure if the pudgy center meant the score or that he wouldn't be eligible for one of the Big Macs.

JSB NBA correspondent Hoops McCann likes McDonalds as much as he does The Association. But when Hoops talks nuggets, he means not the deep fried dip-ables of indeterminate fowl, but the combustible amalgamation of professional basketball talent that has been assembled in the Mile High City.

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