Thursday, June 21, 2007

This is what became of my afternoon

The only kind of person who isn't interested in which celebrities are having sex with which other celebrities is the kind of person the ancient Greeks used to call a big fat liar.

That in mind, do I have a website for all of you: It's called, and it contains the most comprehensive list of celebrity hook ups I have ever laid eyes upon. Not only that, but it is chock full of biographical information and photos (not of the actual sex, mind you.) It even draws a useful, well marked distinction between "relationships" and "encounters."

Nobody will be surprised to learn handsome mega-movie stars such as Warren Beatty, George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio have spent quality time with many, many a woman that the masses have lusted hopelessly over. Nor should anybody be bothered by that. Although the number of Beatty's partners who are now deceased is a bit creepy.

On the other hand, everybody should be shocked and disturbed to learn that, these days, the path to fame for a young starlet runs through Wilmer Valderrama. You know, the guy who played the awkward foreign exchange student on the sort-of television hit That 70's Show, and now hosts a reality game show of competitive put downs called Yo Momma.

I'd say the most impressive thing I've come across during this lost afternoon is the entry for Winona Ryder. For starters, Ryder has been with most of the available leading men of the last couple generations, and has gone through the worlds of indie rock and alt-county like a reviewer for Pitchfork Media.

But it is the little details that set Winona apart. Like how she has been linked to Dodi Fayed, aka Princess Di's final date, and Corey Haim, of notorious Two Coreys' fame. The 35-year old actress has even got down with an honest to goodness member of the sixties' TV band The Monkees!

Again it is, and I challenge anyone to find a better random trifecta than Winona's above. Although, I must add, I cannot verify the accuracy of any of the information contained on the site and, consequently, this post.

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