Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pacman Jones is an ankle biter

While it may seem like the entire NFL has been on a year long crime spree, the reality is almost all the Leagues' extracurricular legal problems can be traced to one team, the Cincinnati Bengals (14 arrests in the last 14 months) and one player Adam "Pacman" Jones (about 14 documented run ins with police, but only a few arrests so far.)

Things are now such in the Cincinnati area that when there is any mystery as to who committed a crime, the Bengals have become the default perps. As for Jones, to top off a week in which he was questioned about a strip club shooting in Atlanta, the Pacman was just charged with two felonies stemming from his notorious night of rainmaking in a Las Vegas strip club during NBA All-Star Weekend.

If convicted, Jones faces up to 12 years in prison for, among others things, biting the ankle of the bar bouncer.

That's quite a gauntlet the Pacman has just thrown down, and expect at least one of the upstanding citizens from the Cincinnati Bengals to respond in kind.

Meaning we will soon be getting word of a late night incident resulting in a football player being charged with either arm-twisting, leg-pulling or, horrifically, ball busting.

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