Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The first rule of attraction is there are no rules

In my last post I referenced a pinata in a figure of speech. I couldn't help it, I've had pinatas on my mind ever since yesterday when I viewed a disturbing video of an encounter between a pinata and the night watchman at a pinata factory.

Since the whole purpose of a pinata is to be viciously beaten, it doesn't take much to realize that I am talking about a salacious encounter here, and yes the nightwatchman gives the pinata a proper rogering and then leaves without a word of thanks.

I have no problem with people buggering paper- mache figurines, if such is their wont. And, as the defiant pinata/man love advocate says himself, it is lonely being a night watchman, especially "when baseball is over with and you're not into late-night talk shows."

What does disturb me is that he didn't sodomize his own pinata. And that one day a group of eight-year olds will blindly thrust their innocent hands into the broken carcass of the fragile gargoyle he soiled.

In the video the amorous night watchmen expresses his annoyance that the store room was being secretly filmed, and goes as far as to claim entrapment.

Therein lies the bigger problem. During last week's series of comically failed bombings in England we kept on hearing that the average Brit is filmed without his knowledge something like two billion times a day. I think the number of unauthorized daily filmings is a little smaller than that here in America, but it is still quite high.

Right now I am looking at my shoe and thinking about the awful violations it could have been subjected to at the shoe factory. That teapot over there -- what do I know of the sordid activity that goes on in the Target after closing time?

I fear, as the proliferation of surveillance cameras and video sharing sites continues, I will know soon enough. And the list of things I am willing to touch or put my mouth anywhere near will quickly diminish.

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