Monday, July 09, 2007

Idle threat of the week

Sometimes being the purveyor of a threat deemed idle can be a liberating experience. Just ask anchorwoman Katie Couric, who, according to a story in New York Magazine, became so enraged when her editor wrote the word sputum -- a word Couric detests -- into her telescript that she began wildly slapping him.

At first on-lookers believed the assault to be in fun. Although, as the slapping continued, it became clear there was disciplinary intent. A charge Couric doesn't really deny.

Couric wasn't the only diva linked to a physical altercation last week. American Idol alum Clay Aiken -- who, coincidentally, looks like a Muppet-version of Couric -- got into disagreement over an arm rest with a female airplane passenger and ended up on the business end of a FBI-investigated shove.

During his next concert Aiken joked about being beat up by a girl. The audience laughed because the thought of even a skinny effeminate singer roughed up by a female comes with the comedy of absurdity.

That's a good thing for Couric -- for if it didn't her feminine fury would have cost her a job at CBS. Instead Couric wins Idle Threat of The Week for July 1-8, and can be safe in the knowledge that when her firing day comes it will be her dismal ratings that did the trick.

* This popular youtube video proves that when crackheads are involved gender limitations fly out the window.

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