Tuesday, August 07, 2007

John Edwards is a big but ineffective phony

Tough day for Presidential hopeful John Edwards, as the editorial editor at South Carolina's largest paper blasted Edwards, who was born in the Palmetto state, for being a "big phony."

The detailed column was linked all over the Internet -- probably because the charge that Edwards is less than genuine on a grand scale resonates with many of those who have seen Edwards in action.

Not surprisingly, the former North Carolina Senator's talkative wife Elizabeth has a different take on what might be preventing her husband's campaign from catching fire. She claims Edwards is having trouble getting news coverage because he lacks the racial and gender novelty of his two main Democratic rivals. "We can't make John black, we can't make him a woman," Elizabeth laments.

Technically correct. Although that doesn't mean John shouldn't try.

People have been telling Hillary Clinton she isn't black her whole life. But did that stop the North Side of Chicago Methodist from channeling the colorful lilt of a Baptist minister from Birmingham when she addressed a black audience?

Likewise, Rudy Giuliani bears even less resemblance to a woman than your typical aging bald man does. Yet when was the last time the former mayor of New York passed up an opportunity to put on lipstick and pantyhose?

Not only have Clinton's and Giuliani's racial and gender voyeurism garnered them the attention Edwards craves, but black people and women seem to appreciate their efforts: Hillary is polling well with African Americans, despite the presence of Barack Obama, and Rudy can boast surprisingly strong support among women who aren't his ex-wives or daughter.

Poor John Edwards can't even get his phoniness right.

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