Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A quick note on Barry Bonds

Like most, I don't really know quite what to think about Barry Bonds breaking the most revered of all sports records.

But I will say that it just goes to show you don't need to be "one of the guys" or "have a head smaller than a gigantic watermelon" to become Major League Baseball's all-time home run king.

Will 756 force society to look at the socially awkward and physically deformed in a new light?

I know I'd still walk a block to avoid running into one of them. And, even knowing what we know now about their laser-like focus and probable links to performance enhancing drugs, I still wouldn't want some weirdo with extremities puffed up like water wings on my softball team.

Really, the big winner here is Alex Rodriguez. Because when he passes Bonds' mark in about six years the public will only be mildly perturbed with A-Rod's hopeless narcissism and passive aggressive whininess.

I believe the reason there is a squirrel on Barry Bonds' leg is because the photoshopper I grabbed this picture from wishes to imply Bonds is a giant acorn head.

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