Friday, August 17, 2007

Unkle Kracker wins the August mugshot of the day

In the arresting document, Wake County, North Carolina authorities refer to Unkle Kracker as "a nationally known singer with major assets at his disposal."

I can not comment on what assets Unkle Kracker may or may not have. As for a "nationally known singer" . . . let's just say if I was ever arrested in Wake County I wouldn't be shocked to find myself described as "the king of England."

The married father of three picked just about the worst day possible to allegedly commit a second degree forcible sex offense. A Friday in late August is the only time of the year Mr. Kracker would be getting this type of press scrutiny. Even if he had cured some form of cancer or killed a couple people.

There is a real debate going on among the news services as to whether the nationally known singer spells his name "Unkle" or "Uncle."

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