Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Clinton baiting season is upon us

It is now being widely reported Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign forced GQ to kill a "negative" story on the New York Senator by threatening the magazine's access to her well-known hubby Bill.

And Hillary hasn't been the only Clinton mixing threats with family of late. Bill also gave it a go, making clear he would respond with "all options available" unless a Manhattan eatery take down a photo of daughter Chelsea posing with the owner. For the past five years the photo in question has hung, along with similar shots of Derek Jeter, Regis Philbin and Rudy Giuliani, in the restaurant's front window.

Why Bill and Chelsea want the photo down now is unclear. (A bad experience with the restaurant? Owner is republican contributor? Plastic surgery?)

What has always been clear is that Hillary Clinton's famous family would be a factor -- one way or the other -- in '08. But so far, it really hasn't been.

After such forceful displays of solidarity and sensitivity . . . Let the games begin.

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