Tuesday, September 18, 2007

John Kerry wishes he was windsurfing

I guess the big non-OJ news on the Internet this morning is this guy, who yesterday managed to get himself tasered by the police during a lightly attended John Kerry event at a Florida college.

Andrew Meyer apparently violated the one question per rule -- citing that Kerry got to speak for two hours -- and then threatened to "inform" the audience about the stolen '04 election and brought up the notorious secret society Skull and Bones.

So it was no surprise the police were initially cheered as they pulled Meyer from the microphone. Although things got ugly when the cops decided to taser the quasi-resisting Meyer, even though a good shaking and a couple subtle flashlight jabs would have more than sufficed.

Meyer and his friends have already suspiciously put up multiple videos and accounts of the incident on his various blogs and Facebook accounts. And their quick turnover has so far hit the mark as it looks like Meyer, a 21-year old aspiring media critic, is today's Chris Crocker. Only with less being gay and defending Britney, and more pathetic whining and getting shocked with a taser.

But, in a role he has played before, the big loser here is John Kerry. In the videos Kerry seems overwhelmed and fairly confused by the uncomfortable scene unfolding right in front of him. It's kind of like Bush reading My Pet Goat to a class of elementary school students -- if the police had busted in and started shocking the kids with tasers, that is.

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