Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Spector to go free?

Multiple sources are now confirming the murder trial of Phil Specter has ended in a hung jury. (Although the judge may now allow the consideration of a manslaughter charge to break the impasse.) Appropriately, this has happened with OJ Simpson back in the news. Reminding us that since OJ's Trial of the Century the score in the courts is now Celebrities three -- People Celebrities Have Killed zero.

The third successful celebrity defendant being Robert Blake --acknowledging his case was a bit less clear cut than the other two, and the victim may well have got what she deserved.

Nevertheless this is nothing but good for me. Sometimes I actually feel bad about writing mean stuff about Lindsay or Britney or John Edwards. This happens when I start to think about how they are people with flesh and blood and feelings -- like I am. So maybe they don't always say and do things that make sense or aren't completely ridiculous. But it's difficult to be in the spotlight 24/7. Especially tough when you are inherently self-centered and find yourself surrounded by leaches who make their living telling you how great you are. So who am I to mock them in hopes others will read my silly little blog?

Then I think about how if I wanted to commit a murder and get away with it I would have to spend all sorts of time and energy planning the crime, destroying the evidence and coming up with an airtight alibi. Whereas if I was a celebrity I could go around killing folks just because the spirit moved me, or without a care in the world, or even willy-nilly, and I would still go free. Which is why it is OK to write nasty things about famous people.

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