Thursday, October 04, 2007

Soccer players are tough

If you've ever wondered whether the rub-some-dirt-in-it machismo of the American athlete is indicative of the type of personality that excels at competitive athletic endeavors, or is instead a social construct that should probably be over-analyzed and denounced at our finer institutions of learning, look no further than the foreign soccer player.

He is much easier to find these days, since his exploits have increasingly come to dominate the "most viewed" list on Youtube.

Sometimes these "highlights" are of the soccer goal -- that rarest of happenstance. And sometimes they depict a player writhing on the pitch for no discernible reason. The latter proving once and for all that if the world class athlete is not reared on a steady diet of Kirk Gibson and Willis Reed his psyche is no different from that of a spoilt attention-craving six-year old girl.

This video depicts both the former and the latter. Thereby allowing you to view, in slow motion and real time, the reaction of a soccer player who has suffered the double indignity of allowing the game winning goal and being tapped lightly.

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